Saturday, October 8, 2011

Run on, sweet Momma.

Yesterday I ran the farthest I've ever run. 9 miles. Today my knees are wrecked and I'm wondering how on earth people do this. Learning and doing with all this recent running interest, perhaps I am turning into "one of those" people. Crap. I used to love making fun of the athletic types (no offense).

My route took me up College Station and Riverbend parkway. Deep into the heart of co-Ed territory, I was certain that my natural swagger and wearing two sports bras totally let me pass as an undergrad. That is until a Honda Civic almost took out my knee while I had the light to cross the street. Cell phone chatty little blonde girl got a stern look and a very mom-tastic index finger wag. Yes, that blew my cover. Even sans minivan, I'm not a colleg girl anymore. As for the double sports bra requirement, two kids and a 40 lb weight loss. You fill in the blanks. I'd go on to lend the descriptive phrase PANCAKES. but that would be too much info.

Then came the coup de GRAS. Riverbend Pkwy follows along the backside of the UGA golf course. Gorgeous possible dream homes with more than a few FOR SALE flags a flying. Holy cats, Rob, I have found us the perfect Athens place to live. Wooded and golf-tastic for you, not removed from civilization and oh so fabulous yet unique homes to choose from pour moi. I wanted to squeeee from excited, but didn't have the oxygen requirements. This would be perfect, and I've got the wants. Just sayin'.

To recap, my training run took me from where I was not so long ago, a sweet college gal with perky pre-baby breasties to where I'm heading. A home we would love and grow in for many years in the town that has become our home. My run also took me right back to where we are, our quaint little rental we'll leave in May to start a new Navy adventure in California. I like to pretend we're never leaving Athens. A girl can dream, eh?

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  1. Lilah, I just love you. You are one of those people who are brilliant and honest and good...and I just love you. I was laughing a lot(as usual when I read your posts) and I am so happy that someone else is wearing two sports bras! Hahah. Sometimes I even wear three, depending. It's a problem. Anyway, so excited you'll have your hubby back. You are amazing.

  2. you will always have georgia on your mind. i think it comes in song form DAD