Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doing it. Doing it well.

We've move past being able to just handle this deployment. Overwhelmed transitioned to capable within a few weeks.

Then came two flat tires in one week, 7 total ear infections, kicking in the back door when Grace locked Fin inside, having to put our sweet Suzie dog to sleep, a few phone calls to poison control, and a crazy me thinking it was a good idea to run a half marathon (Oct. 23rd, by the way).

Also came a few very dedicated babysitters, family happy hours with great friends, lots of fabulous summer birthday parties, fun & helpful visits from family, help from pals in a moment's notice, wine soaked yarn breaks every Thursday night at the local knitting shop, an amazing 100lbs weight loss (40 of Lilah + 60 of Rob, I'm impressed, feel free to agree), and a crazy me thinking it was a good idea to run a half marathon.

When spelled out like that, it seems like quite a bit of sh*t in the past six months. But, these are also everyday occurances that could happen to anyone in that length of time. They just simply happened to me, and just me to deal with. While always trying steady my stride along this journey, I often felt like a chaotic mess when the bad things happened.

Somehow along the way, I've found my stride. Day to day as a single parent has become the new norm. Recently, the earthy barista-boy at the local coffee shop commented, that as a minivan driving supermom, I was "living the dream." He's right, I am living the dream.

So what if I've learned to cram 3-4 tasks in 45 second increments while heating Fin's food just so? Carrying way more than I could handle at once was bound to result in an injury to my dominant wrist, right? (a surgical repair of this creepy ganglion cyst while Rob is home, stand by). Multitasking and efficiency have become as natural as anticipating when my child is fine or about to fall. A Mother's instinct is finely tuned to the needs of her own children, mine just had to become more acute and purposeful.

Despite mastering how to juggle parenting one-handed (ha, I only meant figuratively), I've learned when to ask for help. This was probably the biggest challenge. Of course I have to do more and go longer, but the breaks and support are still needed. It goes against human nature to ask for assistance, but FINALLY I've realized this is not a sign of weakness or defeat. Just like the training I've been doing, to build strength and endurance you need to give your body the rest it needs in order to recover and build your strongs.

Come October 23rd, I'll be pounding the pavement through the streets of Athens a pokey 12min/mile pace. A crazy me thinking it was a good idea to run a half-marathon. All 13.1 miles of it. With six weeks left until my Rob comes home, I'm already in a dead sprint. Each stride propelling me faster, and my heart threatening to beat out of my chest. I'm not running, I'm flying.

Dear Deployment, I've just made you my bitch.
V/R, Lilah Kalloch

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  1. The V/R just made my night!! Can't believe the 6 months is almost up, it seems like yesterday we took our trip to Last Resort.....God I miss those crab cakes!