Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From DEFCON 3 & back

In an effort to blog more, I'm attempting this from my beloved iPhone. The events of today really needed me to give my writing muscles a good flex.

Georgia to Maine, everything went all to hell by 9am. I should have started packing earlier than last night, but my motives are questionable, and I chose to a playdate with pals instead. I loved the socializing, and even responsibly did three loads of laundry in prep mode.
Packing for myself and two babies is an organizational feat that results in stress overload. I am too much of a scatter brain to add "packing for a trip" to lists of strengths on my resume. (FYI, my current market is domestic engineering).
Exhausted, I dragged my tired tush to bed at 11:00 half packed in both mine and the kids suitcases. Quote, "I'll pack myself tonight and help you however you need tomorrow," Ron.* (names may have been changed to protect this subject from getting ripped a new
T-minus two hours to leaving for the airport, I left my husband, his unpacked suitcase, two unfed & undressed babies to drop the dogs off to be boarded and grab last minute supplies at the Target. Did I forget to mention "Ron" was starting a load of his own laundry as I walked out the door?
Target happened first, and I returned to the car to find my very panicked Chihuahua had deuced in car and proceeded to freak herself out all about the interior. Nothing starts the morning right like enjoying a car full of aroma de dog shit the thirty minute drive roundtrip to the kennel. All before 9:00am. But by the grace of God go I, where I found the patience in very recesses of my sanity, I will never know.
Thankfully the rest of the day only got better. We made it to the airport, checked in, went through security, and boarded as seamlessly as can be expected with our cute yet challenging travel companions. The plane was wide open, so we had an entire row of 5 seats for our clan. It was lovely. Fin napped, Grace didn't, but we made it safely anyway.
Although the day started out shitty, literally, it got easier. We are still two hours from our final destination and I'm tip-tapping out this blog as our rental car zooms up interstate 95 in the cold dark Maine night. Sitting here next to my beloved "Ron," it feels good to be hoME.

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