Monday, April 25, 2011

kicking ass and passing milestones

The days are incredibly busy. This helps because time is flying right by. The kids are also moving on up the developmental food chain. Especially Fin.

Just yesterday he took his army-crawl up on his knees and motors around ready to take on the world. Or at least eat any crayons Grace has left in her wake. Today I found him STANDING holding on to the coffee table, because apparently he can pull up now. Less than an hour later I handed him a sippy cup with ice water to gum on (lately it's been a mouth full of ouchies with all the teething action). He grabbed it and started drinking away at it. Wahht?! When did my baby figure this out?

Trying to test him, I called his bluff and handed him a snack-trap filled with Cheerios. In the time it took me to drive from our house to Grace's preschool he had already started to maneuver those chubby, dimpled phalanges of his in & out of the cup and then into his mouth. Awesome. Now he can feed and water himself, win. The interior of my car will be sporting more food bits than there are sequins on a drag gown, but this is a price I am willing to pay. Cheerios aren't a choking hazard, are they? The hole in the center must be a built in safety net.

Fin's growing rapidly. I need to take more photographic evidence of his adorable Popeye arms for the baby book. Someday I will cry over all these memories wondering how it all went so fast. But for right now I am the one trying to keep up with the two babies. Keep up, love on, take it all in, and remember this time as best I can for not just me. I am trying to store it all for the two of us.

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