Thursday, May 20, 2010

LGDD and my Jen Lancaster crush

Has it really been over a month since my last blog? Wow, that's just sad. I really do need to blog more. There are plenty of witty, fabulous wordy bits floating through my head on a daily basis. The problem is I just don't sit down and write them out. I may be pregnant and the proud owner of a very energetic two-year old, but I make sure I get lots of free time. I just prefer to piss away the opportunity by knitting, sleeping, or Facebooking (the ultimate time suck). That and I do suffer from LGDD. LGDD, or Lilah Gets Distracted Disorder, is similar to adult ADD. You may have noticed my language based symptoms if you've ever tried to have a conversation with me. I often ramble and frequently start a story that I don't finish. Pair this with extreme extroversion and a filter-less mouth, and you get a lot of verbal diarrhea.

I start something without finishing ALL THE TIME. So much so that I would really like to change this about myself. Venture in my house and you will see that I am the anti-organized mom. Lots of piles and lots of clutter mixed in amongst the chattiness I welcome you in with. This is how my mind works, lots of ideas, all of them fabulous, tumbling and bumbling for their chance to come to fruition. The end result is lots of half-completed craft projects, organizational attempts that just end up with different piles shifted to another location, and blogs that just never get written. (insert sad face here).

This must change. I must blog more because a) I love to write and feel so accomplished when I do, b) people love the blog and nothing makes me happier than entertaining my friends and fam with my wit, and c) I nearly shit my pants a few weeks ago when I recieved and email informing me that JEN LANCASTER was following me on Twitter. *FYI, I don't tweet, just stalk celebrities from my privacy of my iphone*

For the record, it is not my intention to harrass Jen Lancaster until she throws me a publishing life-line. On the contrary, I do believe that we would actually be friends. Scratch that, I'm pretty convinced she and I were separated at birth. Truthfully, my ultimate goal IS to someday see my name splayed acrossed a published work o'fabulousness at the local B&N. However I wish to be "discovered" at the "right time" rather than shamelessly plug myself with half-assed work to talented authors who probably see it everyday. (At least this is how it plays out in my mind when I imagine the E!True Hollywood Story of my amazing writing career).

I think Jen Lancaster is AMAZING and I am currently gobbling up "My Fair Lazy" with shameless enjoyment and LOL while reading all the time. One could imagine my instant excitement to open my email to find a title reading "Jen Lancaster is now following you on Twitter." Not to overload my blog with tween verbage, but OMG I just about died from the adrenaline rush. Thinking to myself, "Has she seen my blog? Did it make her laugh? Does she totally want to be my friend?!?!" Unfortunately this celebration was short lived when I found out via Twitter that she follows EVERYONE that follows her. To the tune of about 11,000 or more people. Junk. That does not work for our blossoming friendship. *In hindsight it really makes sense because a) I don't Twitter or Tweet, whatever you call it, and b) I don't link my blog info to my Twitter account.*

Needless to say, if Ms. Lancaster and I are to become friends or even frenemies (let's face it, we both have very loud overwhelming personalities and it's hard to have a balanced friendship when both members are the life-of-the-party types), I need to beef up my blog and tell an accurate if witty account of my day-to-day life. I've got the ideas, sometimes the words, and need to make the time. Plus if I want to be discovered by the publishing world, this gal needs to practice all she can. LGDD or not, if you are friends with me, please start harassing when it's been too long between blog posts.

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