Wednesday, September 2, 2009

unusual errands, a normal morning for me

Grace and I accomplished a lot this morning:

  1. We paid my speeding ticket at the courthouse this morning. (yes, I know I need to slow down, but in my defense, I am fabulous). Unfortunately I chose to tackle the stair-laden entrance and exit with Grace all belted in to Big Red. I AM training for a triathlon, so I didn't think twice about picking up the whole problem and hoofing it up the steps. It wasn't too difficult, but I am pretty sure I looked ridiculous doing it.

  2. We then picked up more Tea Tree Essential oil for the crazy price of $24.95 (for way too small an amount) at the Earth Fare (aka hippy central). I was slightly offended when one passing granola-popper commented on how "handsome" Grace was. Hello? She is a gorgeous baby, yes I know, but she is Fabulous Jr and such a little girl. It's quite obvious by her shamelessly long eye-lashes. (The tea tree oil is for our cloth diaper pail. We may not be full-blown earth keepers, but we recycle and are saving the environment one cloth diaper at a time. The stench in the diaper pile is another issue entirely. The wafting odor of amonia is enough to knock me on my ass come time to wash a load o'piss. Hence the tea tree oil, a few drop of it's natural antiseptic properties keep the pail just this side of manageable.)

  3. We finally stopped at a local shop to buy Bridezilla a bridal shower gift. I was sad to miss her bridal shower, but she is the closest thing I have to a sister and it was important for me to get her something sentimental and fabulous. She may rival the Bridezillas you would see on TV, but she is MY Bridezilla and I love her anyway.

Tasks completed. Grace held up well, but lost her cool when we arrived home and I was preparing lunch. I felt a little hypocritical when I yelled, "Grace, stop your screaming!" from the kitchen.


  1. have I not told you about Alps Nutrition? discount health store and locally owned = awesome. oh, and they are waaaayyy cheaper than EF. just sayin.

  2. I like to say "saving the planet one dump at a time". Loved our cloth diapers, but wash day was never something i looked forward to!