Sunday, August 23, 2009

Triathlon for Lilah, let's do this.

It's been a while, but I am still trying to find a way to fit writing into my everyday lifestyle. As I narrate in my mind throughout the day, I often run out of time before my head hits the pillow and I'm done. Of course it doesn't help that I'm all about picking up the knitting needles whenever I have a spare moment. I often wait until I finish a row before I tend to a Grace in need. *bad-mommy disclaimer: if my child is in serious need, there is no hesitation when I toss aside the knitting and tend to her latest head collision with furniture, which happens at least twice a day as she is mastering her baby-ninja walking skills (silent, quick, and oh so dangerous).*

Recently I stayed in the passenger seat of the car to finish knitting a row after Rob and Grace had exited the car. He stood outside the window looking at me and commented, "I hope I'm never in a life or death situation while you're knitting, because I don't believe you would be able to stop in order to save me." Well having never faced that conundrum dear husband, there is no need to speculate what my actions would be. Although secretly, I think he may be right.

There is momming throughout the day, knitting, the running of the AMC, playdates, Gymboree, random shopping trips, teaching knitting at the yarn barn, of course the Facebooking, and more recently fitness endeavours. More specifically, there has been running, biking and swimming because I AM going to do this mini-Lilah-appropriate triathlon. Call me crazy, but I'm tackling this off my bucket list because life is for living, not for cramming when you think you're dying, sorry Tim McGraw.

The first few runs around the Navy base have been interesting. Having a great shuffle of running tunes on the iphone has been invaluable...except for these few incidents:

  • When first getting going, I get all into my music and want to dance while running.I can't help it, I'm an extrovert. Bad idea. Especially while I'm stopped waiting to cross the street and I think this is an appropriate time to boogie. This girl dancing on the corner of Oglethorpe and Sunset on a Saturday morning is really not the entertainment the customers of the Farmer's' market expect. So I'm sorry Rihanna, sometimes please DO stop the music.

  • One evening I attempted to utilize the gym in order to try biking and then a light jog. Another BAD IDEA. It only ended up with me flicking off the TV when the Michael Vic was shown. This while bored out of my mind and getting my crotchy bits all smooshed uncomfortably is NOT a good time. Trying to get in a light jog on the treadmill did not help either. Once my iphone flew off the back and then me after, I had to agree with Scissor Sister, I didn't feel like dancing, at all.
  • Although a good motivator, I am leaving my itunes unplayed from now on while athleticizing about the neighborhood.

If I am about to embark on a perilous journey to triathlon success, there is no better inspiration than to have my sidekick, Grace along for the ride. So I am currently searching for a fabulous jogging stroller. And by fabulous I mean a BOB Revolution or a BabyJogger City Classic (hint hint if you have one still in great condition.) For now our good friend Merryn is letting us borrow a well-loved but still in great condition Schwinn jogging stroller. It does veer to the left a bit and the sunshade is a joke, but it is a monster stroller and we're kicking ass and taking names all about Normaltown on a daily basis.

I'm going to do this. It will be a success, or at least some entertaining tales as I attempt some training. So far here are the hard, fast rules of the road (er, sidewalk):

  1. During these morning jogs I am also taking it upon myself to be the change I wish to see in the world. I say "hello" or "good morning" to everyone. Regardless if you are black, white, pink, a toothless wonder smoking a butt outside Athens Regional waiting on the bus, or a sorostitute taking the walk of shame down Milledge, I treat you all the same my friends. A smile and a greeting for everyone. President Obama, yes we can!
  2. Around mile 2 my left shoe starts squeaking. It is the orthopedic insert rubbing up against the Nike shoe bits that makes this noise. Sadly enough I have very flat, wide, jumbo feet. A nine & half wide to be exact (one can even make farty noises with the if I can get the suction just right with a bare foot). My feet the podiatric equivalent the offspring of Shaq + Bilbo Baggins might possess. I'm sorry this doesn't paint a pretty picture, but I manage to hobble onward.
  3. It is hot as balls right now in Georgia! I need to get out before 10am otherwise sometime during my run I begin to get hot and disoriented all about my head. I don't think this bodes well or safe for poor Grace held hostage in the jogger.
  4. Other people running inspire me. Don't be surprised when you trot by if I try to high-five you. It is motivating and right in so many ways.
  5. If you are driving by, please feel free to honk, wave madly, and cheer me on. I may veer poor G into a utility pole, but the ego boost is so worth it!

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  1. Great post Lilah! The veering to the left can be corrected by fiddling with the front tire (that's the down side to it being removable). The sun shade is shotty, it always caused me to sprint through the sunny spots, thus improving my training! Good LUck! Merryn